The company performs the transformation of logs into lumber mills through three horizontal ribbon frame saws.

Softwood lumber produced after cutting is split longitudinally and transversely using circulars to the desired size after which it is packaged for delivery or stacked for drying, respectively.

Beech timber produced is stacked for steaming. Fogging is done with a steam room with a capacity of 40 cubic meters / charge, served by a boiler of 500 KWA using wood waste and sawdust as fuel, steaming time of 48 hours.

After steaming beech timber is antisepted by dipping in a pool lined with tin and concrete with the dimensions 1.5 x 5 x 1.5 m.

Beech timber drying is done in a drying room serviced by 900 kW boilers that use as fuel sawdust and chips of wood watse from cutting.

To perform the construction work the following equipmentis used: excavator, bulldozer, frontal loader,tanker, compactor.